Under Eye Surgery

Cast out darkness and fill in with light

Under Eye Surgery

Cast out darkness and fill in with light

Under Eye Fat Relocation

This procedure relocates autologous fat through micro laser incision made inside the conjunctiva. By relocating/removing/grafting under eye fat ideally, it can create young and fresh appearance of the eyes.

Suitable for

  • Patients who only have bulging eye bags without severe sagginess of skin
  • Patients who still have bulging eye bags after lower blepharoplasty
  • Patients who have uneven surface under eyes with dark circles

Surgical Method

For sagginess of skin under eyes, lower blepharoplasty can be combined to enhance the result

Significance of LE MIEL Under Eye Fat Relocation

  • No visible scars since the procedure is conducted near conjunctiva
  • The overall skin under eyes becomes brightened improving the condition of dark circles.
  • Patients can return to daily activities in a short period of time due to fast recovery.
  • Rejuvenating and youthful effect can be achieved.

You must be aware that possible general symptoms after surgery such as infection and bleeding may vary per individual.



Within approx.
30 minutes


Painless sedation
(Local anesthesia)



Stitch Removal

Approx. 7 days
after surgery

Outpatient Treatment Approx

1 time

Daily Activity

Approx. 1-2 weeks
after surgery