Filled with confidence by single touch!


Filled with confidence by single touch!

Volume improvement + Wrinkle improvement + Elasticity improvement

with charming line only at LE MIEL!

Procedural Sites

We recommend this.

  • If your nose bridge is too flat, or if you have an aquiline nose
  • If you have a bulbous nose
  • If you have darkness under eyes and always seem tired
  • If you seem older than your age because your face lacks volume
  • If you tend to avoid laughing because of nasolabial fold
  • If your forehead appears to be flat that you need to cover it all the time
  • If you want to enhance your unfashionable appearance caused by short chin and protruding mouth
  • If you want to have lovely smile with love band on lower eyelids
  • If you want to achieve more feminine beauty by having fuller lips
  • If you want a quick and simple solution for all the above without letting anyone know !

Premium Juvederm Filler

As a key doctor for Juvederm Filler, #1 selling premium filler throughout the world, Dr. Eunkyung Woo is in charge of interacting with numerous foreign doctors and providing education to Korean doctors.
With more than 35 years of history, Juvederm from Allergan is hyaluronic acid filler which is naturally present in human body, promoting naturalness and excellent volume at once.

  • Hyaluronic acid filler approved by FDA
  • Result lasting for approx. 24 months
  • Minimal pain for it contains local anesthetic substance
  • Easy molding to form desirable shape
  • Consistently effective during the lasting period


  • Swelling or bruise may vary per individual, and usually subsides.
  • You can wash your face in the evening on the same day after procedure.
  • Do not touch or give pressure on procedural site.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking as well as sauna and excessive exercise for a week after procedure.
  • If there is swelling or redness on procedural site more than 1 day, please contact us.
  • Temporary asymmetry and uneven surface will disappear after swelling subsides, and if not even after 2 weeks, they can be easily corrected by retouching.


15-20 minutes


Anesthetic ointment



Stitch Removal


Outpatient Treatment


Daily Activity

after procedure