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Chronic fatigue syndrome ?

It is difficult to be defined, but if chronic fatigue lasts more than 6 months, it can be considered as chronic fatigue syndrome. Its cause has not been specifically discovered yet, but extreme stress, viral infection, trauma, and central nervous system disorder have been considered as possible causes.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include depression, loss of appetite, weight loss, dizziness, cold limbs, memory disorder, muscle fatigue, and etc.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

  • The best treatment for chronic fatigue is to have enough rest and nutritiously balanced meals.
  • However, if it is difficult for you to take such actions immediately, or if there is possibility for depression, you should receive proper treatment.
  • Since treatment is individualized for patients that treatment method and period may vary per patient.

Vitamin Nutrition Therapy

Improve Liver Function, Skin Brightening Effect

At LE MIEL, we use various types of vitamin for vitamin therapy including antioxidant vitamin, amino acid, minerals, selenium, and etc.

What is Vitamin Nutrition Therapy?

Stress and pollution destroy vitamins and increase density of free oxygen radicals which stimulate aging process of cells. In this case, it may cause various symptoms such as darkness in facial appearance, melasma, acne, hair loss, sleep trouble, zoning out, and etc.

Antioxidant vitamin provides essential vitamins for cells, breaks down free oxygen radicals, and regenerates damaged cells. High-concentrated vitamin injection instantly boosts up vitamin concentration in blood, directly stimulating cells for regeneration.

Effects of Vitamin Nutrition Therapy

  • Reduce toxicity of mitochondria which determines cell activation
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Increase immunity
  • Anti-cancer effect
  • Increase brain function
  • Reduce inflammation: pain relief
  • Increase production of body energy

Combination of Vitamin B, C, and Minerals

  • Respiratory disease : asthma, upper airway infection, chronic rhinitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Muscular, arthritic disease : migraine, fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Immune disease : hyperthyroidism, chronic hive
  • Stress-related disease : anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue

High-Level Vitamin B Therapy

  • Improve blood circulation, melasma, skin disease, complications due to diabetes, and etc.

High-Level Vitamin C Therapy

  • Relieve fatigue and prevent pigmentation including melasma, freckles, and etc.

Immune Booster Injection

  • Injection includes nucleic acid component which compose human genes.
  • Improve liver function, antioxidant effect, and allergy relief.

Cinderella Injection

  • It is an injection of alpha-lipoic acid which is a representative antioxidant substance. Alpha-lipoic acid is a component that forms body cells which breaks down free oxygen radicals and stimulates other antioxidants to function. It contains various effects including fatigue relief, reducing inflammation, skin brightening, and breaking down body fat.

White Jade Injection

  • This injection contains an antioxidant substance called glutathione. Glutathione not only breaks down free oxygen radicals but also effectively regenerates liver cells. It has various effects including breaking down body fat, treating liver fat, and etc.

Myers’ Cocktail

  • It is a nutrition injection which antioxidant and minerals are ideally combined. It improves immune system and maintains cell function as well as cell vitality. It is effective for relieving body aches and fatigue.

Garlic Injection

  • Garlic injection does not contain actual garlic; it is vitamin B1 activating injection that contains allicin<, main component of garlic with similar odor as garlic. It breaks down the fatigue-causing substance called lactic acid fast, helping you gain energy again even after exercise or heavy drink.


20 minutes ~1 hour

Treatment Method

injection, obral medication


After treatment, we recommend you to drink lots of water to eliminate waste from your system and have enough rest with high intake of fruit and vegetables.


  • When you receive Vitamin Nutrition Therapy CautionIf you are allergic to vitamin, please let us know in advance.