Semi-permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent Make-Up

Eyelid surgery and Semi-permanent Make-Up at once?
It’s possible at LE MIEL !

Semi-permanent Make-Up
It is a medical procedure which must be performed at hospital.

What is Semi-permanent Make-Up?

Contour make-up also known as semi-permanent make-up is a long lasting make-up

which does not get erased by sweat or water.

It is different from existing tattoo technique which inserts pigment deep into dermis;

it only injects pigment into epidermis, the superficial layer of skin, keeping the make-up effect

lasting for years.

Tattoo vs Semi-permanent Make-Up

Tattoo vs Contour Make-Up

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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow

A delicate technique to complete natural eyebrows as your own by keeping the texture of eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Eyeline

Distinct and clear eye shape completed by filling up the space between eye lashes carefully

Semi-Permanent Lips

You can achieve cheerful appearance by adding suitable color to lips that are dark, faded, or with messy line.

Semi-Permanent Hairline

Smaller face with beautiful facial contour can be achieved for those with irregular hairline, wide, and angular forehead.

Semi-Permanent Scar Cover-Up

Not only aesthetic but for treatment purpose. You can have unwanted scars covered up naturally to fulfill your confidence.

Significance of LE MIEL Semi-permanent Make-Up

  • Directly performed by board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Strict hygienic management and sterilization
  • Use of natural pigment without heavy metals
  • Use of high-end digital machine
  • Painless treatment available by professional anesthetic management
  • Prevent infection by thorough post-treatment care
  • Possible to remove and make changes on existing tattoo/contour make-up at once using laser

Eyelid Surgery + Semi-permanent Make-Up

  • Eyelid Surgery and Semi-permanent Make-Up at once !
  • If you want to darken your eyelines or make changes on existing eyelines with double eyelid surgery
  • If you want to cover up scars through eye brow shape correction with brow lift
  • If you are terrified with semi-permanent eyelines procedure due to pain when filling up the mucous membrane
  • Since the shape of eyes as well as your appearance will be changed after eyelid surgery, you must enhance your brows and eyelines to match !