LE MIEL Make-Up Fat Grafting

LE MIEL Make-Up Fat Grafting

LE MIEL Make-Up Fat Grafting

Experience the magic of volume for small and youthful face

  • Highlighting is considered as one of the important make-up techniques among women when applying make-up. By highlighting forehead, nose bridge, front cheeks, and chin, more youthful and cheerful appearance can be achieved. LE MIEL Fat Grafting finely fills such areas with fat to make the face illuminate naturally with volume as if highlighting has been applied, enhancing overall contour and creating even smaller appearance of the face.

We recommend this.

  • If you have no volume in face and seem older than your actual age
  • If your skin looks saggy from losing facial fat due to aging process
  • If you are concerned that your face appears as dull and flat
  • If you always have to cover your forehead with bangs because it is flat or uneven
  • If your cheek bones seem protruding due to lack of volume around cheek areas

Surgical Sites

After individual’s own fat from abdomen or thighs is obtained and extracted as pure fat,

It is finely injected into targeted sites. Using autologous fat provides inartificial and natural results as engrafted fat creates semi-permanent volume effect, maintaining beautiful appearance.

Significance of LE MIEL Fat Grafting

  • It enhances natural volume.
  • It maximizes the beauty of facial features as it enhances optimal proportion of the entire face.
  • There is no needle mark left since a special needle for fat grafting is used.
  • There is no risk for side effects from foreign substance due to using patients’ own fat.
  • This procedure has no concern for age limit with minimum swelling and fast recovery.
  • Fat tissue can be injected into any sites with convenience, and injection on multiple sites is also possible.
  • During the process of obtaining fat for transfer, partial liposuction is conducted, resulting in dual effects at once.
  • Surgical scars are almost invisible, unaffecting daily activities


  • Alcohol and smoking should be avoided for a few days before surgery.
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking after surgery helps fat engraftment rate improve.
  • Major swelling subsides within 1 week, and minor swelling subsides within 2-3 weeks.
  • Avoid excessive massage or applying pressure on face after surgery.
  • As fat becomes engrafted for 2-4 weeks, avoiding excessive exercise, sauna, diet pills, and etc. are recommended.


Within approx.
1 hour


Painless sedation
(Local anesthesia)



Stitch Removal

Approx. 7 days
after surgery

Outpatient Treatment

Approx. 1-2 times

Daily Activity

Approx.1-2 weeks
after surgery